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    Sven Groot

    I think one big advantage of doing a CS degree hasn't been mentioned yet. When doing a degree, you spend several years surrounded by very smart people with a far more diverse variety of specialisations than you're likely to get at a single company. A smart mind can make good use of those resources. And of course if you want to go into academia or research, it's pretty much a must.

    You can get a degree by going to classes and writing a thesis and doing nothing else. Then it doesn't have much more merit than the piece of paper at the end, which may give you a slight edge in a job interview. But if you actually open your eyes and look around while you're there, you can find there's a lot more to be gained than just a piece of paper. And sometimes while doing that, you get an opportunity that you would never have gotten otherwise. Like the opportunity to go study in Japan for a few years. Smiley

    Just my 2 yen. Wink