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    dpratt71 said:
    ManipUni said:
    That's pretty much my perspective, Manip.

    Is anyone willing to out themselves as a working professional without a degree? I don't have one.

    Of the people I work with, I'm not aware of anyone else who does not have a degree. What do we think is the percentage of people working in this industry who don't have a degree?
    I've been working for 10 years in the industry without a degree and have worked for many large companies and not once has not having a degree been a problem.

    I'm currently doing a part time degree for personal gain really and I haven't learned anything yet that would be valuable in a commercial environment.  I think wanting to learn, having common sense and ambition will get you on in life far more than a university education.

    At 25 I had started my own company and working as a consultant earning a very good wage through sheer determination.  Am I the cleverest person out there? No not even close my maths is terrible but I know how to develop and I get projects developed successfully and guess what that's what companies want, good value, hard working people that get the job done.

    How did I get into IT without a degree, well I started from the very bottom, I learnt my worth at each level of my career the more projects I completed, the more knowledge I gained the more I was worth simple as that.