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    Minh said:
    blowdart said:
    When I've been recruiting I've ignored degrees. And MSCDs.

    Yeah, but... the example I often cite is if you have 2 seemingly equal candidates... and one has a degree  and/or Certs...  they aught to count for something....

    I know "equal" is hard to parse... but you get those once in a while...

    Of course as you gather more experience the worth of your degree gets less and less (unless you're going for snobby consultancies where it's more about talking than doing)

    You're such a cynic  Tongue Out
    A CS degree is meant as a background for your future self... To be built upon... not meant as replacement for real-life experiece...
    Heh, not really; but I've never had to recruit junior staff; which obviously makes a difference. Actually I've never had equal candidates either, someone always shines more in the interview or the technical tests.

    As for cynic? Meh, the consultancies that require degrees in the UK are the same consultancies that botch government project after project with massive cost overruns. And still get to bid again. Not somewhere I'd want to work anyway Smiley