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Microsoft Windy

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    * How to communicate security more naturally:

    Basically - it's what i would call an anti-virus program for Windows

    Windy - the Cloud..

    could be male .. female.. genderless..

    A little cloud that warns you of stuff..  "Windy"
    ( well its better that the paperclip! Wink

    Example consumer dialogue:

    "Hello - Welcome to Windows XP!  Im Windy - your personal update assistant.

    Windy can make sure that your Windows operating system is prepared for even the most turbulent of days. It's easy to make sure your Windows is protected day in - day out - regardless of weather you're here or not!

    Would you like to enable Microsoft Windy?


    "Windy blocked something that tried to rain on your parade" (rotating witisizzzmz)

    ( human talk - not corp talk)

    just an idea..

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    ..and then call your new search "Sunshine"

    User Input:  sunshine - please shed some light on this etc..

    sunshine on this feature..

    funshine ( random - "i feel lucky" search)

    Sunshine helps/finds - Windy warns/protects

    * actually - as a name for your new search -  even Google's "do no evil" mission statement couldnt touch Sunshine ... thats one possitive name..

    patent ..register ..lock up the lawyers Wink

    ps - The most valuable part of the Windows franchise is that of its' meme's positioning: "inside the house - looking out " = with a Windows on the world. = all else interacts with the house and me inside it.

    if you guys can translate that into a living eXPerience - no pun intended - you will see the value your brand holds 3 fold.  Equating - through icons/representations - the earth , moon, clouds and sun to win franchise will only help cement this reality

    Boot up - sunrise - shut down - starry night

    perhaps gives or sets a real stong vantage point

    - so long as re-enforces meme of user central / windows to view metaphor

    or not Tongue Out

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    Okay... Windy, Sunshine, what next.. fluffy sheep... Sorry guys, and I don't mean to offend anybody, but it's a little childish.. and I fear that anybody with the slightest bit of experience will feel that it's condescending, demeaning and like a child being talked down to...

    Okay, maybe the absolute beginers will find the "real world" (human) talk a lot less intimidating... but give them a month and anybody with a bit of curiosity will want to know what's really happening and want to see the real "real" talk, ie.. they want to knows who's scanning what port etc.. and what they can do about it..

    Now.. maybe if you could turn this feature off, swith from one dialect to another (Clouds and Sunshine to ports and ip) with a click of the mouse then it would be a good thing...  Actually not maybe.. it WOULD be a good to attract beginners and make them feel more comfortable... but if you couldn't turn it off then it would sure scrape my nerves..

    You walk a thin line sometimes between making life  simple for the beginner and alienating those who are a little longer in the tooth...


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    'Windows Anti-Virus' or 'Windows AV' works for me, and even if I haven't heard of it before I know exactly what there talking about.

    Someone who has also studied some kind of human behaviour will tell that giving something new the same name as something old cause’s people to get confused because they already associate it with something. If someone says XP, and you've never heard it before you can ONLY associate it with Windows XP. But if you call it sunshine and someone starts discussing "turn on sunshine to better secure your computer..." you will just get a bunch of blank looks.. instead of them asking "What is XP?" or whatever it might be called.

    Just to be fair, his suggestions are no more or less stupid than adding .NET to the end of everything. " anyone?"

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    Joe Average

    This is bad. Bad me! I'm sorry, but I can't stop thinking Windy and Sunshine would work perfectly in Microsoft Windows Barbie Edition. With all the nice pink colors and 96x96 icons and big red heart on a pink background as wallpaper.

    On a more serious note, I don't think assistants like that should become characters (whether it be a cloud, paperclip, dog, cat or robot.) To me a character explaining things offends my intelligence. I don't need to a cute character to tell me what went wrong, what's going on, what my options are. A more formal pop up will do. However, I do appreciate a button or a text link (ie, 'Tell me more about <insert topic>') for more information.

    Besides that, assistants tend to be animated. Animation usually distracts (assuming the animation is not the key content, like the videos on Channel9). When distracted you are not paying full attention.

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    I agree mostly with Joe Average that any type of animated help is just too much.  It may nice for its novelty at first, even beginners would like that to help them to feel comfortable.  But I'm sure it wouldn't be long til they were saying "I wish that cloud would just blow away"  or something to that effect.
    However, even for beginners it is a bit of a stretch, especially considering how reviled "Clippy" and the "dog" are.
    I much prefer straightforward help.  This is what happened, this is what you can/could do to prevent it from happening again.  All too often the answer is too cryptic for the average user.
    Hopefully MS is leaning towards less or no use of animated characters. 

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