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View Thread: To what degree does Microsoft use the dev tools they sell us?
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    Hi All

    this is an interesting question...i imagine you will get all kinds of answers...

    I'm a dev in the directory services group of windows, and i pretty much use visual studio 100% of the time in my day to day work when writing code. For longhorn stuff it's whidbey builds, for win2k3 its everett.

    One of our products ( uddi ) is essentially a .net 1.1 application on top of sql, so the web-service integration / debugging features in .net are really useful. For the harder multithreading / interop debugging issues, i find nothing beats windbg / ntsd + sos at the end of the day though, so use those now and again...Smiley

    Of course this is microsoft, so there are those hardcore types who debug without symbols, and use notepad as their editor of choice ( they do exist, believe me ), but i've never really aspired to such giddy heights...

    Offical builds are all command driven through scripting magic of course, but day to day studio is it in my case...