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View Thread: To what degree does Microsoft use the dev tools they sell us?
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    bshankle, I think something which is important to remember when you are asking to name a shipping application from Microsoft which has been built using .NET is that for many products that MS ships, is firstly .NET didn't come out (out of beta and so on) until around 2002.

    So it is expected, new products, sure they can easily be developed using .NET. However, for the products that have been around for awhile, migrating them from unmanaged to managed code will take awhile longer to be released. It'll firstly need to be tested to check for consistancy with previous versions that were developed, consistancy in what? Well, performance for one sure, migrating the UI probably isn't too difficult, performance will be a factor still though.

    In regards to MFC, I would probably be not the best person to comment on it, programmed in it briefly (1 or 2 weeks). There may well have been products developed using MFC, just they either have been superseded, or they were just never released because they had issues. Or maybe the approach might have been "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

    That said, you could perhaps think, wait a minute... If something like happened back then, then what's the chances that you'll only see only a smattering of products developed using the current .NET framework out there, and then everyone will already have started "migrating" everything to say Whidbey.