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    magicalclick said:
    Put storage aside since I am sure it will get larger in the future. I thought about SkyDrive and LiveMesh together, but then, I wanted it to be separate later on. SkyDrive is safe from ME. There is no way I am going to accidentally delete a file from SkyDrive. But Live Mesh gives me chillz. Not only it was buggy before, but I am buggy myself. A workspace is good, but not like SkyDrive I can do backup without worrying I mess it up myself.
    In this regard Dropbox is quite neat, as it will actually not erase files you delete, rather they become shadow files that you can choose to purge completely from the system, but you have that extra level of safety. Of course any such feature could be abused for artificially adding more space - unless anything that doesn't fit get auto-purged. Volume Shadow Copy for Mesh/SkyDrive?