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View Thread: What comes after Windows 7?
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    So, at some point in the coming year, Microsoft are likely to ship a new operating system, designed for new ideas in the field of user interaction and fix the faults that many people find in Vista.

    But what next? If Windows 7 is a runaway success where do Microsoft go next? What's the next big thing they'll do? The "Wow" started in 2007, but how do they keep it going beyond 2009? Will it be more "software + services"? More virtualisation? How will they convince business that whatever it is is the next big thing and worth it.

    And if Windows 7 is a flop, how will they try and recover? Will they try "new and improved" or will they roll back. If they rolled back what would they roll back - the inside (kernel etc.) or outside (UI). If they try "new and improved" how would they make it new and improved. And how would they market whatever change they made. To quote from The Vicar of Dibley - "There's good change and bad change. Prawn cocktail crisps - they're bad change. But traffic lights - if they never changed... they're good change". (Quote not word perfect, but you get the idea).

    So, ideas? Speculation? Predictions?