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View Thread: What comes after Windows 7?
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    There is already a thread on this exact topic. It puzzles me that you choose to spawn a replica, GoodersUK. - but beyond that...

    I am sure everyone will like 7 (myself included) but life is a journey - a step on the path is not failure. It may never arrive at an end - humans will evolve so the target is a moving one - although unless you're on the singularity brain train, you're not likely to evolve as fast as to require radical new ideas to accomodate your needs. There is also evidence to the fact that the brain might not be so easy to emulate as hitherto thought.

    One of the big Microsoft plusses has always been integration and you can loop that the "Steve Ballmer "Developers"" way. In that sense, what would provide more integration between applications than an OS global database as well as a cloud reflection of it. Fatamorgana?