CreamFilling512 said:
There's some unexpected extras, if you resize a window border to the top of the screen or to the taskbar, it maximizes just vertically (kinda like OSX).  Winlogo+arrow keys docks/maximizes/minimizes/restores windows.  Win+space peeks at desktop and gadgets although I really wish you could interact with it, play with a calculator gadget or something.

The biggest downside to this Win7 beta is probably the IE8 build, for something that is supposed to be nearly at RC milestone it runs like crap.  I keep hitting a deadlock freeze, theres tons of render issues, performance is still very bad (cpu usage at idle, lots of memory use).   Hope IE isn't going to delay Win7 ship.  Why browsers require so many resources to render primitive things like text and graphics I'll never know.
I'm finding Flash video to be very jerky. I though maybe it was IE's fault so I installed Firefox but it's nearly as bad there. Silverlight videos on c9 won't play at all, and the WMV download links make WMP error out.

Too, bad. I have this hooked up to my TV and was hoping to watch c9 and other videos on this guy.