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    I installed Windows7 on my laptop yesterday morning. The laptop is a 1.73ghz with 1gb RAM. Needless to say, Windows 7 "worked," but wasn't exactly comfortable on the laptop. After a few attempts to revive my wireless card and failing, I decided Windows 7 was too much to place on that poor old laptop. The evening finished with me pirating XP (Can't find my CD) and calling it a night. So in one day, my laptop started with Vista Business, migrated to Windows 7, and finished the evening with XP - wow, busy day.

    I liked Windows 7, but I won't make any comments about it just yet, since I didn't get to test it in an environment that enables all of the functionality. The good news is, XP is really fast on my laptop Smiley I had forgotten what it felt like to have a laptop working that fast!