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    spivonious said:

    Things I like

    • Snipping Tool.  Yeah, we could already do that with Ctrl-PrintScreen and Paint, but it's nice to have it all in one tool.  
    • 7 is a noticeably more responsive than Vista. 
    • desktop peek

    Annoying things:

    • No text next to taskbar buttons by default.  I really don't know the icons for a lot of apps I use.
    • moving a window to the top of the screen maximizes it.  It would be nice if I could hold down a key or something to override this as sometimes I just want to move the window to the top of the screen.
    First impression: the new loading animation is quite snazzy (especially in comparison to Vista's "we forgot to put in the logo" blank screen with progress bar).

    Wonder what prompted the change in heart to make them put the snazzy animation during the initial boot process.  The rationale for the blank screen in Vista was that they were trying to save time everywhere they could in the boot process (in fact, the edition of XP was removed from the boot screen in SP2 because detecting it took too much time).

    I also find it interesting that it doesn't ask you which edition you want to install (or even for a product key during setup).  Vista and Server 2008 asked you which edition all the way back into the beta and RC releases:  does that mean Microsoft's listened to their customers and is going to ship a single edition of 7?

    Installing to a VM right now...  then I shall see how well it works.