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View Thread: Win7 - Any compatibility issues?
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    I installed Win 7 over the weekend.  My first issue was that I had no sound (not suprising since it is a Creative sound card).  I went to the Creative site and downloaded the latest Vista driver (no beta drivers for Win 7).  Tried to install and it said that it was not a supported version of Windows.  So I run the compatability troubleshooter (nice feature) and after that it ran fine.  Sound now worked.

    I installed Warhammer Online to test performance and it looked like the whole game was running in slow motion.  I went to the NVidia site and installed their latest drivers (released Jan 8 and was actually Win 7 drivers.  I was very suprised).  After that Warhammer ran great.  I still haven't tested printing yet with my HP printer so we shall see if I have any issues.

    Overall I am very happy with Windows 7.  I am very excited for that release.