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View Thread: Win7 - Any compatibility issues?
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    magicalclick said:
    Win7 is basically Vista. I have ran it for few months now. No problem for me. Using the same nVidia graphics driver on my GeForce8800. Vista Codec Pack Works. Counter Strike is working fine. Visual C# Express is working like a charm. Live Messenger seems to froze on me occationally, I am trying to use Compatibility Mode and see if it is ok. Besides, using Vista SP2 CMode gives me the system tray icon I wanted.

    IE8 crashs more than IE7, but that's IE8 problem, not Win7. Paint .Net has an issue with combobox selection issue, but it could be application issue with high DPI setting rather than Win7. Running high DPI is still big pain in Win7. Not that I want to use it, but everything is so small without using high DPI.

    I couldn't run PC Complete Backup, but this may be fixed on Win7 Beta.
    I can't install VS 2008... Some blog post suggest that you install VS 2008 w/out SP1 first, then a hotfix for a VSTO component, then install VS 2008 SP1, but I haven't been able to. Definitely not ready for a development machine.