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View Thread: Win7 - Any compatibility issues?
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    AJHP said:
    I am running Win7 on my Home box, work box and laptop along with my home netbook. 
    Running SQL 2008 fine, VS2008 also fine.  No driver issues other than having to download my netbooks wireless driver myself all other hardware (including fingerprint reader) have worked right from the install.  Must just have got lucky with the hardware i have.  (all Dell other than the netbook which is advent).

    IE8 has been my biggest issue, i get 5 or 6 crashes a day.

    I can't get my Dell All-In-One Printer 922 to work.  Windows 7 recognized it, and it's listed under printers.  I made it my defaul printer, but when I go to print, nothing happens.

    Also, I was trying to webcam with someone, and couldn't get that to just froze up.  Don't know if it's a Windows 7 issue or the newer Windows Live Messenger 2009 issue.  Using a Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX model webcam.  I had previously downloaded WLM 2009 on my Vista machine, and it wasn't working on that either so I uninstalled it and went back to WLM 2008 for now on my main machine which is the Vista one.