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    I just had a couple ideas for browser plugins that would really make tons of people (including me) very happy.

    Both are rather similar, but slightly different.

    1) Bubbled Media Elements:
    So I'm sitting here with Firefox opened and about 8 tabs opened along with it. One of the tabs is HanselMinutes, where I'm listening to his latest show. Somebody walks into my office, and I have to scan my screen for hanselminutes, find it, click the tab, find the player on the page, and then pause the player.

    What if the player was instead vieweable in a collapsing panel at the bottom of the browser, along with important items from other pages? Shoot, it could even tell me which tab it's getting the media from, but allowing me immediate access without having to hunt down the parent tab in an instant.

    2) Eagle-Eye Element Watching:
    This is a slight RSS-ish Page-Element tracking idea. Includes a bottom panel as well, but this one keeps up updated on specific parts of websites that get updated frequently. "Show me the contents of div.latestMovie on when the content is updated." At the bottom of the screen, I see a small preview that is updated every 10 minutes or so. This would allow ad-hoc subscriptions to just about anything there is online.

    What do you guys think?