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View Thread: Basic geek test # 34. Do you know what this is?
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    Maddus Mattus

    Minh said:
    Bas said:
    Because we all knew Mark Hamill was a brilliant actor

    Mark Hamill started out shaky, but he ended the series very solidly

    and the original trilogy had wonderful, realistic dialogue.

    Leia: I love you
    Han: I know

    Awwweee... Well at least I don't remember cringing over the dialog once in eps 4-6 ... cuz you know they know they're not taking themselves seriously... George Lucas thinks he's the 2nd coming of Joseph Campbell in the 2nd series and got all serious on us. Jar Jar a senator... Double-u Tee Eff?

    Or we just want to * about everything that's new. Smiley

    Not necessarily... I like the new Indy Jones... oh wait... WTF was that all about...
    The detailed analysis of the Star Wars Galaxy is because there is an MMO out there that takes place in the Star Wars Universe.

    You can even play a jedi, how cool is that!