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    vesuvius said:
    Note that this is not the IE beta 2 that was released a while ago, but an advanced version, according to the installation notes for Windows 7.

    I was apoplectic with disappointment when I found this out.

    I had hoped that my gripes with beta 2 would be wiped out - or some way to being so - but this is quite obviously is the most disappointing thing about Windows 7, for me (the caveat being so far).

    Yes the Windows 7 OS is buggy, but it is beautiful and is not so broke (as they say in Yorkshire). I am already imagining Firefox  (running without hitch on Windows 7 I must say) with explorer's more perspicuous Glass.
    The version released in december isn't "release candidate 1".  Where'd you get that idea from?

    Also, don't trust Windows build numbers when judging the progress of Internet Explorer -- they aren't aligned at all.