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View Thread: IE 8 is far away from prime time...
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    spivonious said:
    The only thing I like about IE8 is the way it treats each tab as a separate process.  Everything just seems a little off.  Suggested Sites is worthless, Slices seem like RSS to me, and there are lots of sites that render incorrectly until I resize the window (C9 included).  Hopefully they're busting their butts to get it finished in time to release with Windows 7, because IE7 crashes at least once a day for me.

    It seems to me that IE isn't crashing that often in 7 than it used to do in Vista... I had far more crashes in Vista, since even text selection in crashed the browser in some cases.

    Chrome does still have some issues in 7 64-bit... there's a fix that makes it usable. But the idea of having all the tabs represented as small thumbnails in the taskbar and that Chrome is still missing that feature made me switch back to IE for a while Smiley

    But I agree: IE8 has still a long way to go until it's really done.