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    God that "reply-to" thing is annoying... I always forget to set it to "Reply to Root" when posting a general comment.

    Anyway... the other thing I've noticed about IE8 printing is the sheer size of the output.

    As an example... printing a particular webpage I visit with FireFox generates about 1.5MB of PCL output... big, but expected.

    Printing the same page with IE8-B2... OMG... 16MB... and then I have to kill the print job, because my LaserJet will take all day to grunge through that lot.

    This means that, at the moment, any time I want to print a webpage, I fire up FireFox.

    Again, I suspect that the problem is that IE8 is printing background images regardless of the tools setting (which I have set to NO) and when people don't use a specific media CSS to disable it,  IE8 prints stuff like body-backgrounds, and presemably uses PCL graphics.