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    spivonious said:
    The only thing I like about IE8 is the way it treats each tab as a separate process.  Everything just seems a little off.  Suggested Sites is worthless, Slices seem like RSS to me, and there are lots of sites that render incorrectly until I resize the window (C9 included).  Hopefully they're busting their butts to get it finished in time to release with Windows 7, because IE7 crashes at least once a day for me.
    I haven't had IE8 on w7 crash on me yet, but I'm kind of meh about the new features too. The one web slice I tried (the digg top 10) didn't seem to support the scroll wheel. I don't know if that was IE8's fault or the slice author.

    I also thought I'd appreciate the color coding of related tabs, but I've found that the colors make it harder to determine which tab is active. I pretty much have to search for the gray close "x" on the tab now. I wish I could turn the colors off but I can't find an option for it.

    And why is there an email button on the toolbar by default? I don't even have an email client installed.

    Speaking of toolbars, when IE7 came out without a menu bar, I was one of those that supported the decision since I never used most of the items on the menus anyways. The Page and Tools menus on the toolbar seemed to include all of the stuff most people would need that wasn't already presented somewhere else in the UI. Now I look at the messy Page menu in IE8, and think maybe they need to bring the menu bar back as a primary UI feature. 

    PS: The accelerators might end up being usefull down the road. I haven't had a need for them quite yet. I'll probably use the search for selection the most if I remember it's there. What I'd really like is a "paste the selected url text into the address bar and go there" accelerator for when people don't make links out of their urls in forum posts. Is that possible to do client side with an accelerator?