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Parallel applications

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    With all of the buzz about parallel computing, I'm curious if anyone here works in a field that could really take advantage of it.

    Personally, I'm writing glorified data entry apps, and I don't see anything in the business process that could be parallelized, except for some asynchronous data retrieval/updating.

    For certain fields, like 3D graphics or media encoding/decoding, it definitely makes sense.  But is there anything in there for the lowly line of business apps?

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    How about integrations, loading and manipulation of date, reporting and analysis?

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    One of our applications is a Windows Service that runs workflows in parallel (not using Windows Workflow Foundation but our own engine). Another of our applications is a server that has to handle many concurrent TCP/IP connections. Even our GUI applications are multi-threaded, although not as parallellized as the above 2 products. But still, they perform some operations (like communicating with a server or database) on different threads (so the UI-thread is not blocked).

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    search -- have multiple threads each working on a "slice" of the data.
    data mining....

    "what if" support, each thread does a differnt set of parameters and the user gets back for example 4 different results for 4 different cases
    like say order x from y at cost of z plus shipping fees of zz2 sold at q * n% gives profit of $$$$$
    try 4 vendors, try 4 shipping options, try 4 differnt markups -- you could test dozens of cases to see which one is least cost to buyer for max profit to store....

    I am sure I can think of other cases... depends on the business ....

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