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    OnlyJack said:
    Yggdrasil said:
    I wish I knew before that posts titles can't be edited since this one was my first post. I had to cut&paste the post and rewrite the title at least four times because I was keeping getting a nice "The server method AddPost failed." msgbox all the time.

    I think the issue is in the videocard itself, I've read of some people flashing other video bioses to stop the issue however if all you need to make it stop is specify through msconfig boot options how much RAM and how many processors/cores your CPU has it's definitely either a driver issue or the OS reporting wrong values to the video driver. What is known is that it's not just me having the issue, there are at least 40 pages about the problem on AMD forums (that I linked in my 2nd post) and also tweaked Catalyst drivers like DNA's are including a patch for the issue.

    That said, it's still nonsense for the windows setup to lack an option to disable third-party drivers loading during the install because Microsoft cannot ensure that all the included OEM drivers in the windows install disc will work correctly on any PC configuration. For instance, when I installed vista for the first time, the install was BSODding too due to the broken JMicron driver included in the disc and I wasn't the only one with that issue, just look at some of the titles of these google results. In that case I could get rid of the BSOD by selecting IDE mode (not available on all BIOSes) or by loading a newer JMicron the driver from the setup but as said this can't be done with all drivers because only few hardware manufacturers give you those pretty ZIP files with just the "naked" driver inside requiring no extra useless software or setups to work that can be loaded in the windows setup.

    Well gotcha taken care of as I am having the issue, and yes from my research it has been going on for quite awhile now.  Although I did just build this system all MTI amd chipset and ati vid card.

    Funny thing is that it also occurs with the onboard vid

    I would hope from the near daily BSODs that I am getting and reporting back to MS in win7 will provide enough info that they can finally fix this stupid thing.