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    OH MY GOSH! I just tried installing Win7 beta on my PC and just like it happened with Vista the install was crashing all the time due to the infamous 3-years-old-and-still-unfixed ATI TDR bug and there were no ways to install Win7 other than opening the PC case and swapping my Radeon with a GeForce during the install in order to apply the TRD fix (running MSCONFIG and setting the # of CPU cores and max ram in the boot options) later when windows had installed.

    WHY the hell the Windows setup still doesn't provide an easy way to avoid installing/loading any 3rd party driver during the install? What if I was using a laptop and could not replace the videocard?

    Can somebody please ask the dev team to add an option that tells the windows setup to install only generic safe-mode drivers avoiding those poorly written OEM drivers making the Win7 install impossible? Many people would thank them for that.