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    Sven Groot said:
    OnlyJack said:
    Ok, I have 4GB RAM on 2 sticks, a multicore CPU, and Vista x64 (and now Win7 x64), and I still haven't experienced this bug. Guess I'm just lucky. Smiley
    Same, running two systems that have 4GIG of ram, modern multicore intel cpu and a 3650 / 4870 and haven't had this problem with vista nor 7's setup.. there must be something else to it. I did however find that my p35 mobo could quite happily screw up 1TB harddrives by telling them (yes actually telling the drive so it thinks this forever unless i purposely reset it), that their storage size is in fact 31.5mb.. turns out thats pretty well known also, just needed to update my bios.