OnlyJack said:
Sven Groot said:
The TDR bug is quite widespread and mostly happens on assembled computers with multicore CPUs, 4gb or more of RAM on multiple RAM sticks and Vista x64. There are plenty of posts on the AMD forums about the issue (virtually any atikmdag crash could be related to that bug) but they don't seem to care, they prefer putting useless PUMA stickers on hardware where their drivers don't even work, like my HP dv7z where I can't put any ATI catalyst newer than 8.9 or else resume from standby would stop working. Gotta love this company.
Ok, I have 4GB RAM on 2 sticks, a multicore CPU, and Vista x64 (and now Win7 x64), and I still haven't experienced this bug. Guess I'm just lucky. Smiley