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    elmer said:
    OnlyJack said:

    I think there are some people here who can report this for you ??

    But, if it's widespread. then perhaps it's already been reported.

    The driver crash has certainly been already reported by other people - I, too, installed the drivers without applying the fix first so that I could get a couple of error reports to send - however nobody guarantees that it's going to be fixed by ATI considering the same bug has been plaguing Vista users since Vista's launch.

    Not all the hardware manufacturers release "floppy" versions of their drivers that can be installed during the Windows setup so the only way to get the setup to work other than swapping the hardware would be to use nlite/vlite to remove the drivers or a WIM image made on a virtual machine on another PC and that's a very big waste of time.

    If the Windows setup had a checkbox (or even an hidden keyboard shortcut if the devs don't want to make the setup GUI any harder to understand) to disable loading of all third-party drivers then having successful setups even in presence of broken OEM drivers that require updates or weird mumbo jumbos to work would be much easier.