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    Charles said:
    littleguru said:
    If there is life on Mars (or, more probable in my opinion, on  Saturn's moon Titan) and it is carbon-based, then it most likely (almost positively) will be microbial. Only microbes can evolve in acid-like condtions or extreme temperature environments. There are most likely some form of organic or even inorganic "germs" and "bacteria" on other rocky planets. Thing is, they typically have no built-in capability to conceive, so they aren't able to build interplanetry spacecraft to fly to new worlds and new civiliaztions, to boldly go where no microbe has gone before, to search out new cracks and crevices to colonize.... Smiley

    Well... that's all clear. Otherwise we would already have noticed. But it would be still interesting to see how that life is constructed. It would be interesting how they vary from bacterias that life on mother earth.