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    Charles said:
    littleguru said:
    But the important fact, which is not vague, is that methane is a volatile gas which quickly gets destroyed in the Martian atmosphere... So, some process is putting it in the atmosphere at rates that suggest it still exists... Geologic or Biologic, something is going on deep inside Mars that is surprising. What I don't understand is how spectroscopic analysis of the Martian atmosphere missed this. Why now? What about 20 years ago?

    Yeah. It kind of comes late. That's also making me wonder if it is really something to be excited about. Also, I think it really has to do with the geologic stuff that's going on and not with little green people that life on the Mars... but I might be wrong.

    It would be cool do find life outside of earth. That might finally proof that we are not the center of the universe and it would be also very cool to see what excatly lifes on other planets.