W3bbo wrote:
Intrigued wrote:Firefox's extensions rock too!  Some very useful one's out there and they are so easy to add into the client.

Hear Hear.

Here's my current list:

  1. Hotmail Tabs (hmm, will Hotmail get rid of the Javascript once IE7 comes out then? [<img src='http://video.ch9.ms/ecn/content/images/emoticons/emotion-5.gif' alt='Wink' />] )
  2. Nuke Anything (woo... no more adverts or "undesirable content" )
  3. Sage (never really use it, though)
  4. User-Agent Switcher (...for when Microsoft.com's being a biatch again)
  5. Web Developer Toolbar (MUST HAVE!)
  6. Translate (saves time going to Babelfish)
  7. AdBlock (yarr! take that DoubleClick.Net!)
  8. ieview (for baaaad sites)
  9. fireFTP (sometimes Explorer crashes and I don't want to fire up Dreamweaver)
  10. Delicious Delicacies (who (from the 0.7 Beta) doesn't have this one?)
  11. Live HTTP Headers (I can't get this one to work :/ )
  12. Disable New-window Target (the target="_blank" thing is just baaaad, this corrects it))
  13. SpellBound (built-in spell checker... I even use it on Channel9)
  14. And FlashBlock, the best thing to happen to Gamespy.com (and its spin-offs) and ITPro sites since sliced bread!
El-Neato [<img src='http://video.ch9.ms/ecn/content/images/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt='Smiley' />]

Right on!

I also would throw in:

Create deskCut