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Make a good program and win a job interview

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    Accenture Norway and Microsoft Norway, are holdig a competition for Norwegian coders, were the prize will be a copy of 2003 and a job ineterview.

    The competition are highly criticised by readers, for "exploiting" students and unemployed coders.

    What do you think…is this just a culture thing, or do you find the “job offer” a disgrace.

    Have translated portions of the article

    Oslo (23.04.2004)

    We need more competent Norwegian hobby coders. Here are your chance to win a job interview with Accenture and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 Professional.

    In collaboration with Accenture Norway and Microsoft Norway, is holding a programming contest.

    The contest has two objectives.
    First, stimulate Norwegian coders to think new and create products that have a potential for commercial uses.

    Second, create useful applications that could be of use for people at large.

    You will find much cheep or free software on the net, but it seems that many developers are struggling with finding new ideas to their projects. We are drowning in alternative zip programs, file splitters and media players., Accenture and Microsoft, have therefore chosen some ideas to programs that one might find useful.

    The winners will first and foremost, get their 15 minutes of fame by an article in and exposure to their coder friends.

    In addition; Accenture will provide a very unusual prise, the winners in each category will get a job interview whit Accenture, that can lead to a possible job offer.

    Winners of each category will also get a copy of Visual Studio.Net 2003 Professional from Microsoft to a value of 6000 Norwegian kroners.

    Developers, who lack a tool for trying, can download a 60 day evaluation of 2003 from this link”


    (By the way. the link only provides an order opportunity for the evaluation edition for like $10)

    the link above are in norwegian ....

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    Accenture sucks as a company unless you're in the upper echelons. They're cheap, burn people out quickly, and generally overcharge clients for their services. (as you can probably tell, I use to work for them and I don't like 'em.)

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    I think, as they offer a free copy of VS if you win, then it is not exploitation. And also gives people that might not otherwise get an interview (No degree?) a chance. There is nothing wrong with this, because they are not forcing people to take part and explain there game from the start.

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