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View Thread: 7: No Photostory. REMOVES Moviemaker (on upgrade!)
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    magicalclick said:
    I don't get you. This has been said for so many months. Win7 no longer has its own Photo Gallery, Mail, and Movie Maker because Live is offering the same thing. And Movie Maker is not online at all, unless you haven't install it and it was trying to download? Or you accidentally click Publish or somehting?

    People complaint Windows is bloated. And now, they complaint it is now an free optional install? It never ends.
    i never complained about bundling

    i complain about BUNGLING!!

    i complain about removal on upgrade of paid for app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (ok i didnt pay)

    * if i have MM in vista and upgrade... who here really believes it is MS's right - to REMOVE that app - and make me download a new one?