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    This little block of code will is used in a console app to test throuput on threads.

    TOTAL can be equal to 1 to 64

    Try 9 threads on an 8 core machine, seven run at the same speed, and two run at one-half

    Try 4 threads then 5 threads.... the scaling is exactly linear right from 1 to 8


    Imports System
    Imports System.Threading
    Imports System.Threading.Tasks
    Module Module12
        Private TOTAL As Integer = 8 - 1   'array size = number of threads starting a zero (ex. 8-1 = 8threads)
        Private ClassThreadHolders(TOTAL) As LoopThread 'array of classes
        Private ThreadArray(TOTAL) As Thread      'array of threads
        Private TotalAccumIncs As Long
        Private AccumIncs As Integer
        Sub Main()
            Dim n As Integer = 0                  'local loop var used in fors
            Dim ThreadPrintLoop As New Thread(AddressOf PrintLoop)
            Console.WriteLine("Building threads...")
            For n = 0 To TOTAL                                      'for each thread
                ClassThreadHolders(n) = New LoopThread                            'assign the class
                ThreadArray(n) = New Thread(AddressOf ClassThreadHolders(n).ActualThread) 'assign the pointer to the thread function
            Console.WriteLine("starting threads...")
            For n = 0 To TOTAL          'for each thread
                ThreadArray(n).Start()          'start the thread
            Console.WriteLine("Starting Printloop...")
            ThreadPrintLoop.Start()                'start printing thread
            Console.WriteLine("Waiting for keypress...")
            Console.ReadKey()                       'wait for key
            End                                     'orderly shutdown
        End Sub
        Private Sub PrintLoop()    'thread to print data on
            Do                      'infinite loop of thread
                Thread.Sleep(1000)    'sleep 1000 = 1 sec delay
                For j As Integer = 0 To TOTAL      'for each thread
                    ClassThreadHolders(j).Grab()    'force the grab
                TotalAccumIncs = 0
                For j As Integer = 0 To TOTAL
                    AccumIncs = ClassThreadHolders(j).GetGrabbed
                    TotalAccumIncs += AccumIncs
                    Console.Write(Format(AccumIncs, "000,000,000,000     "))
                Console.Write(vbCrLf + Format(TotalAccumIncs, "000,000,000,000     "))
        End Sub
        Public Class LoopThread         'need a class to have a pointer to a function that can be arrayed
            Private GrabbedInc As Integer
            Private Inc As Integer = 1    'class var must be fully declared
            Private GrabFlag As Boolean
            Private num As Double = 10
            Private num2 As Double = 5
            Public Sub ActualThread()         'sub on the thread
                Do                              'infinite loop of thread
                    If GrabFlag = True Then
                        GrabFlag = False
                        GrabbedInc = Inc
                        Inc = 0
                    End If
                    'num = num * num2 / 50
                    Inc += 1
            End Sub
            Sub Grab()
                GrabFlag = True
            End Sub
            Public ReadOnly Property GetGrabbed() As Integer
                    Return GrabbedInc
                End Get
            End Property
        End Class
    End Module