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View Thread: Oh no! My win7 install is screwed :(
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    OnlyJack said:
    sushovande said:
    Too many people are experiencing this issue right now, all at the same time, here, on other forums (39 posts in 18 hours) and on the newsgroup (63 posts in 1 day).

    I'm pretty sure MS screwed up some files that customer experience service downloads from the internet causing MSI/WU to break for all users: that could explain why system restore didn't work, it kept breaking. Nobody seemed to have experienced this problem before, all those dozens of posts about the issue only in the last 2 day . Anybody knows other win7 users to ask if they started having the same issue?
    Nope, I don't think it's because of some download/update because I have 2 Win7 installations and only one has this problem. And it's not caused by Quicktime either, I don't have it installed.