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View Thread: Oh no! My win7 install is screwed :(
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    OnlyJack said:
    Dexter said:
    Thanks, it was the customer experience program just like you said: Windows update and all windows installer based setups started working again after turning that off. I hope they'll release an update for the issue soon.

    "Why would anyone install QuickTime?"

    To see the exclusive movie trailers that are available at decent quality only on the Apple website or to use iTunes that is required to sync the most popular mp3 player (ipod) and the most popular phone (iphone). I can't believe a beta could break so easily with an application so popular: the Quicktime setup didn't even launch yet win7 was instantly broken.
    QuickTime is really not worthy of even coming near my machine. Ugh, even in it's infant versions years ago it was still bloatware...

    Don't know if this works with Windows 7, haven't tried it yet, but maybe a small codec pack called "QuickTime Alternative" could do the job? I use it on all of my Vista installs and it does what it's supposed to do without having to step directly over to the dark side.