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    jamie said:
    brian.shapiro said:

    If you mean "dont like change as in Coke - to New Coke"  youd be correct.

    I have mostly the newest app of every program i use - and more often than not prefer the newest version over the old ones. (with the exeption of most new MS apps (expression, ie7/8, )

    as for office ive always said i liked the ribbon - but ALWAYS said they should have left file edit ... old menus as an option

    Its the burn down the mission approach that turns me off.

    Like in Coke Zero? I went back to XP also a while ago... just in the VM but I did it because I had to support stuff. Man was it hard to find stuff. I'm so used to my desktop search now.

    Also, if I speak with my grand parents they complain about the new phones that are available in this world, like mobile phones and stuff. So complicated etc. Take my cousin with 10 years. She plays with them and has no issues at all... who's wrong?

    Don't get me wrong: change isn't appropriate all the time. But not changing / improving / enhancing / removing / etc. means to stand still, which in the end means to fall back because everyone else marches forward. Perhaps an intermediate mode where you get a migration guide, which video tutorials or something would help?