Windows 7 is by far the best release of Windows thus far.  It even kicks the hell out of Windows 2000.  But alas, I have a few gripes but they arent huge gripes.

1.  I have certain USB keys that when I try to mount them they wont mount.  They are formated for Fat 32, they work in PC/OS, Leopard and in Win Vista and Win XP but Windows 7 doesnt pick up the formatting.

2.  It doesnt happen often but once in awhile my wireless connection will just drop. stay off for a few seconds and reconnect.  This behavior doesnt happen in PC/OS, Leopard and in Win Vista and Win XP

3.  Home Group will not pick up my PC/OS machines, Win XP, Win Vista or leopard will just fine.  Not Windows 7

4.  My beloved Sun keyboard is a no go with Win 7.

Besides these gripes, Im surprised.  of course I wont use it as my default due to Genuine Advantage and activation but for those that love Windows and hate Linux or the Mac, you guys should be happy.