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    Dodo said:
    jamie said:
    I'm all for options. Implement both interfaces. If you upgraded, make the old the default, but tell the user there's a new(better) one he/she might want to try out and see, being always able to go back. If you installed it anew, use the new interface for default, but provide an option in the settings.
    well have a new one as default - but support the 15 year old too as an option

    Quickbooks 09 wouldnt load on torys laptop vista - so last night i put the factory xp media center disc back in and loaded it back how it was.

    Im sorry to say that i love that OS - better than vista , better than 7. Its on the network (which it hasnt been for 2 years) i used UP about 50 times while loading all the apps - all of which had no problems.

    the control panel is better.  the explorer is better. got the cool black media player tuner - Icons in the startmenu are easier to "know" without reading.  All programs flyout i prefer.

    i basically think ive come to realization that - i really dont like anything at all about V / 7

    I might load it back on every machine in the house and get my network, scanner, games, photostory, movie maker back

    ps - good luck with the office closures and layoffs Steve!