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    brian.shapiro said:
    jamie said:
    I think he has it backwards though. Its the techies who are complaining about Office 2007 not the non-techies.  Or at least people who are intermediate techies, who aren't novice users but think they know enough about computers to talk about them... novice users will prefer Office 2007 and Window 7.

    Although not you Jamie, its usually the same people who complain about the lack of an up one folder button, most of these people just don't like changes.

    If you look at the comment section there you'll see someone praise how there are very little changes in GNOME from release to release. Novice users wouldn't use GNOME---in fact they're more likely to take a jump where they have to do even more relearning--to MacOS

    If you mean "dont like change as in Coke - to New Coke"  youd be correct.

    I have mostly the newest app of every program i use - and more often than not prefer the newest version over the old ones. (with the exeption of most new MS apps (expression, ie7/8, )

    as for office ive always said i liked the ribbon - but ALWAYS said they should have left file edit ... old menus as an option

    Its the burn down the mission approach that turns me off.