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    Fair comment.

    Mine gripes are internal 3G card doesn't register and the taskbar sometimes looks broken on my HP tablet. Got on the phone to my buddy over at said company and he acknowledge they were both HP issues not Microsoft't  ones.

    Been using '7 now since launch day last week (I had no issues downloading it) and at work now to. SLED and XP are the desktop OS there. I can see that '7 could potientially replace both *if* Microsoft get the price right and by that it's gotta be cheaper than SLED support which is $59 p.a.p.h.

    Getting everyone back onto Windows and Office again would get around the compat issues we have that waste so much day. To my mind either way as long as it's all one thing rather than having two OS'es as Linus and Balmer don't pay my wages and don't care who wins ... so it's all about price baby!