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    jamie said:
    I think the editor of that article should just remove Office 2007 and install Office 2003. People always act as if they are forced to install office 2007. Sometimes in forums, I love it when a developer is trying to solve an issue with window 98. That tells me that the software still has a functionality someone needs. Office 2003 is good enough to last a decade and so is XP.

    For all the old folks that despair at the changes in XP/Office, there is a new generation using mobile phones, netbooks and carrying their digital lives on computers. I know some people have issues with Office 2007 and Vista, but lets be honest, it's not really that hard to change now is it? The fact remains that most of windows is still composed in User32 which is over a decade old, so am flummoxed why people cannot see the same ListView controls, check boxes, buttons and so on. Very little new controls have been added, just the old controls used more creatively.

    If these guys have issues with Windows 7 or Office 2007 use PC/OS or Windows 2000 instead on your Pentium III machines. They still work great. Some of us are into moving on and forward. Please don't drag us back because of your inability to make what are trivial OS migrations.