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View Thread: Thank you Mark Shuttleworth and a slight PC/OS update
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    When I did my interview for my Distro I said that Windows 7 would be a great product and boy did I get blasted for it by, not the PC/OS community, but by others who read it.  They called me a traitor, a closet Windows user, and they wished upon me death by Syphillis.  Seriously, they did.  They even called corona_coder a gNewSense developer.  But now Mark Shuttleworth has said it.  In an interview he said Windows 7 is a "great product"  So it looks like even the competition is taking notice.

    I want to publicly thank Mark Shuttleworth for his statements so people wont think Im a f$%^cking crackpot anymore.

    BTW, with PC/OS 2009v2 a great many refinements have come into the mix and its a lot more stable than 2009, I fixed the RAID bug that caused a kernel panic if certain RAID controllers were used upon install and yes, Im looking into ZippyV's UPC problem that he mentioned in another thread.  Trying to see if its more a GNOME problem or a kernel driver problem.