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View Thread: Thank you Mark Shuttleworth and a slight PC/OS update
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    littleguru said:
    Bass said:

    Do you really think that Linux created the netbook market? Wasn't it rather that the netbook market just needed a free and cheap OS?

    Well yeah that's probably better description. I clarified my original post.

    I would argue that MIT to be exact made conditions possible for a netbook. I really think the OLPC showed there is serious demand for small, inexpensive computers which can surf the Internet. And Asus saw it. I would argue that the OLPC while being mostly a failure, "inspired" the EEE PCs which turned out to be huge success. Linux was chosen probably because OLPC choose it too, but probably also because using Linux kept costs down at let them meet their $299 pricepoint. Again, these computers are explicitly designed to be kind of gateways to the Internet, and there is no way you can tell me Windows has any advantage here.

    Netbooks are also interesting in the fact that the OEMs are actually spending considerable effort to customize the user interface on their machines. Like HP and the such actually hired software engineers to help write their Linux-based netbook OS. This is almost unheard of anymore except for a company like Apple. We might see much more vertical integration from OEMs in the future. Really I believe if Windows marketshare breaks down it won't be by one operating system but a myriad of different ones coming from the OEMs themselves.