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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    littleguru said:
    @jamie: what's your answer if I tell you that people tell me they don't know why to switch from Vista to 7 because there is NO change in the UI? I literally got: "it looks the same, why should I change, I'm happy with Vista"...

    @jamie2: I agree with you that the explorer could have more icons. I'm not a big fan of these endless lines of text either! Icons allow to quickly find stuff. You have me 100% here!

    @All: could it also be that apples marketing is just WAY better? Ipods and Macs have issues... but people don't seem to whine so much about then compared to PC users... is it probably that the Apple marketing is better to excite people so that issues are weighted less because of all the other cool features?

    @Win 7 beta testers: I filed the icons request. If you agree with me, please vote on it at - Thanks.
    ... and Intel, who both Microsoft and Apple use, is">">is shedding 6000 jobs.

    Job losses in this climate aren't always about how well a company is doing now. It's more about what a company is going to do next. Looking at the list of jobs Microsoft is getting rid of it's obvious to me that they are getting rid of jobs that help the company grow, so the prediction is that Microsoft aren't intending to grow much in the next 12-18 months.

    Apple are at the top of their game right now, the tough conditions haven't hit them yet ... but there kit is expensive ... so getting people to part with their money for a new machine is going to get harder this year.

    The trend for PC's is rushing into Netbooks right now, this is a growth market and Apple don't have a Netbook option so they could get caught out if they don't adapt.