jamie said:
rjdohnert said:
whatever.  i have 7 still installed. i know how to "work it".  Im not afraid of change.

i find many things changed are not improvements.  just more layers added.

and my friends (all of whom USED to install the newest windows betas) wont go near 7 or vista.

they "have work to do".   But all my friends are designers / musicians - with huge files.
They use UP Tongue Out  no time to read.

At least 7 is getting good press.

PS - i get MAD when MS loses.  i actually do like MS. (go figure)

PPS - they all have tried vista and removed it - and i have shown them 7 which they view as the same thing.
Take that as you may.  But if you want more than 20% adoption this time - re-think the changes from xp to V/7

surely i cannot be the only one who liked 95,98,98se,2000 and xp - of which vista and 7 hardly resemble/work like anymore. You may remember those versions. The ones that SOLD alot.

Jamie if you have a moment, can you post some images of what you mean please?