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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    jamie said:
    rjdohnert said:

    have you been by miniMSFT recently? 
    last 2 posts have over 800 softie replies - and ive never seen so much "Ballmer must go now" sentiment

    in other news:

    or.. bla bla bla! Smiley

    in more other news im liking bioshock.  Ive been to the office of ryan - ive finsihed and moved the bomb, ive restarted the core!

    edit:  Consolidation of all my above suggestions - and everything ive ever gone on about Tongue Out

    A Simple Plan.
    Un-doing the damage of the Ballmer Administration

    • Put back the 6 things I listed above ( this = NO noticeable change - just option for changing back.)
    • Put back true theming - and make even more robust
    • Create an OPTIONAL UI layer - that shows off WPF and puts Linux cube thing to shame (look to MMCenter for start - add programs and 3d-ize it)
    • Add icons back into startmenu list  * if you thought the old 3d colourful ones were ..too much - at least put a graphical simple icon beside each (like the new flat simple taskbar icons ... black and white)

    • Provide old toolbar option for longtime users/customers
    • Offer new Office Environments - like Dusty Desk (with typewriter *WPF) or Shuttle Writer (space theme *WPF)
      *these are just eye candy or .. fun ( = ENOUGH with all enterprise only enhancements to office)

    Expression Suite
    Main Issue: Failing to get Macromedia before Adobe
       Solution:  Buy certain assets of Corel Corp. including Fractal Paint, Photopaint, CorelDraw and KAIs

    • Best case result: 
    1. Expression is finally viewed as a true adobe competitor (not just a "use this to make MS stuff" suite of apps). Expression Draw, Expression Paint, Expression Photo.
    2. Rescue the thousands of Corel designers/users from uncertain future
    3. Mobilize this new dev/designer force with new tools - including tight integration between coreldraw vector design and Expression Blend? * Corel used to offer a flash like program called Rave - that was really good but made HUGE swf files. Use this as the starting code for how Silverlight integration should "work" but fix the file size issues. (had working animation timeline within coreldraw and everything - res-erect pls!
    4. Fill up the Office live clipart gallery with the 100's of thousands of royalty free clipart from corel purchase
    5. Release all Corel true type fonts in a new web font pack, bundle with office and windows.  This means overnight there could be the possibility of a web with more than 20 actual fonts. (picture the web if 7 and O14 came with 200 new installed fonts.  IE8 - would also install at least 100 NEW fonts. (*devalues adobe font portfolio / make avail to all browsers - "altruism" whatever  ..just fix fonts on the web. i think people will really like more variety=good will)
    *no need for weft - if you own the fonts and set them ... free ( )

    Expression Web:
    This program is basically FrontPage - with a lot more CSS reading panes and better code output.  But 2 issues hamper its uptake:
    1. the removal of drawing tables - and 2. the removal of inline preview.
    Solution 1.:  Add back new Drawing tool for not only tables but layers, css and spans - in one simple toolbox
    Solution 2.: Add back Inline preview - but offer "Choose rendering engine" option - which - if browser installed - would let you inline preview IE, FF, Chrome, Safari  (geko, webkit, trident....)

    Internet Explorer
    • Add ability to customize and break apart every part of IE. (coolbars on steroids) Let people choose rendering engine.  Perhaps use Webkit - or whatever choice would make the MOST web devs happy. (i had thought geko - but don't care if its webkit.. just want to get back closer to the days when you only had to check IE - and nothing else mattered.)
    • Find solution to the rectangle/ boxy look.  

    MSN /Live / search / maps / telescope .....
    • All web properties rebranded (as sections) - one site to rule them all bla bla
    • Hire speculate swamp to run search division (so crazy - it just might work!) Wink

    • Merge zune and win mobile with Xbox - create  XTalkx ( or xphone / Xbox Mobile)
    • If you must have a music player - call it Windows Media Player component and license out

    • No change - but id worry about pricing

    • create position for Chief Creative Officer ... somehow ...fill it.

    ***DISCLAIMER - yes this is the same old stuff - but i actually believe ALL of it needs to happen. If it did - im not sure there would be much left to complain about. (although im sure i could find something) Wink

    lastly - to the wonderful forum critics here on 9 - please ask yourself - what would YOU do? At least I have a list of things to put back / fix.  What are your ideas?

    ppps - from the What's in a Name Dept:  looks like Popfly is history

    youre out!
    Expression Web:
     2. the removal of inline preview.

    What removal? (I can't believe I'm actually responding to this - I still feel using layoffs to promote your own ego is disgusting)

    What do you mean by inline?