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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    jamie said:
    vesuvius said:
    above updated.

    My take is simply that - like it or not - XP and luna have become this sort of brand / cultural icon. windows = blue and green. That's a good thing!  And im not saying people dont like aero.  But when something is as popular as XP - why remove most of it?

    ps - what would you suggest ms do to increase adoption of main products?
    I must say that I agree with most of your gripes. Most of these are just common sense.

    1) A Glass Luna would have been great
    2) Just tried to find the classic menu in Windows 7 and it is not there, so that was silly
    3) I cannot beleive that has still not been rectified. they appear to want to reduce your mouse clicks, but their current design just creates more. I still do miss this
    4) Like option 2, users should have the option to configure things like before
    5) Yes for backwards compatibility
    6) Yes for backwards compatibility