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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    jamie said:
    Bass said:
    i agree - but to many - XP was the final - 98se + 2000 done right OS.

    *didnt like luna? there were REAL themes.

    maybe it was just too good. 

    *there are some who think that new coke was just a ploy all along - take away coke???  oh here it is back!

    Im just saying bring back Coke.   Then you can work on the remaining things people have issues with:
    Versions, pricing, WGA.  Personally ive given up going on about those.  I just want Coke back. - and yes they are - sort of getting there
    Yeah XP was a nice OS (really it wasn't much different then Windows 2k), but from a market perspective I think Windows 95 was far more important. Here are my ranking:

    Biggest impact business wise: Windows 95
    Worst impact business wise: Windows Vista

    Best technologically: Windows 2000
    Worst technologically: Windows ME