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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    dazla-d said:
    jamie said:

    winsows branding and Microsoft branding are not the same
    joe wilcox, MJF, network world are not brighter minds. they are bottom feeders. if you think they are brighter minds then this says a lot.
    I didn't purport to  define panaceas for marketing and growth strategies; you are the person who did
    Definition of business/wanted adoption are a bit mad, and wtf do you mean by a tsunami OS
    All the other stuff you talk about is getting boring to reply against.

    yah I give up trying to give you a reality check on your conspiracy theories. mainly cos I know you're a nutjob and it's all a laugh on you, really
    hey! i like it: 
    "Jamie: Proud nutjob that people can laugh on - since 2004."

    (added the 2004 part)