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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    rjdohnert said:
    jamie said:

    I know buddy [pats jamie on back] I feel your pain.  It does seem they are choosing the Apple approach, and no Im not talking about the "dock" Im referring to the form over function approach.  You should set up a lab for them, install 7 on a box and let them come over and test their stuff.  It also allows you to hang out with the boys.  "The Jamie Grant Usability Lab".

    Yeah the news this morning kind of bummed me out.  I hate Apple right down to their core.  You know the Apple community and Linux community were cheering the news this morning.

    Anywho, hows your sister and the rest of the family?  Kids doing OK?

    angies album is done. still working on website and album cover.

    PS - all of the above does have an easy fix (although you will say it is not easy)

    1.  In XP - if you wanted you could go to classic.  this is the biggest error that happened - no going to luna from vista.
    If people could just see a new windows that has the ability (ability) to look like a 3rd generation XP ui it would seem more familiar.

    If you notice in most published screenshots of 7 they are using blue as the main colour.  I bet it they used black like vista - or ..yellow etc it would not be getting the good reviews it has been garnering.  So Xp/luna  WMC/luna shiny  Vista/ Luna Glass (=wicked new luna)
    One down.

    2. Under start menu properties - OPTION to have All Programs flyout - across your huge screen to see everything in one glance (rather than in a little box)  Two down.

    3. Folder options: OPTION to display up in explorer.

    4. Quick launch and dragable desktop toolbars - add them back.

    5. OPTION  "View classic file copy dialoges"

    6. OPTION: Use classic taskbar.

    That would do it.  Now change - isnt forced.  Simple.